UK Music is very proud to be involved in a project like House the House. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life are playing a key part in finding the talent of tomorrow through this nationwide campaign which is something I am very passionate about.Jo Dipple, CEO of UK Music


House The House will give young people across the country a fantastic opportunity to
experience and harness the power of music for themselves and their communities”.
Youth Music


SAE Institute is about changing lives through education and empowering creative individuals and communities. This is the kind of initiative we love to support, and whoever is talented enough to win the scholarship will have a great learning experience with us, and kick start their professional future.”
Prof. Zbys Klich, CEO SAE Institute United Kingdom and Director of Academic Affairs, SAE Global, part of the Navitas Group


Point Blank has always believed in the power of music as a tool for social change and are fully committed to supporting this unique initiative for young people.”
Rob Cowan , CEO of PointBlank


I was really interested to hear of your plans for House The House, knowing that music is such a powerful incentive to encourage more young people to engage in volunteering. You have my full support”.
Quote from Ed Vaizey, MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries


The House The House initiative is incredibly exciting – this will have the country enthralled, youths everywhere inspired, and communities engaged.”
“Coming together, making a difference, House The House is a great example of what the whole music industry can achieve in an innovative way.”
“House The House is giving young people the chance to have a voice, to be recognised for their endeavours and to engage within their communities to create change from the grassroots up. It has my whole support and I hope that this legacy will continue to flourish.”
Quotes from Mike Weatherley, MP (Conservative), Hove & Portslade


House The House is a great idea because it combines the creative energies of young people with an opportunity to change things for the better in local communities through volunteering. Music (including DJing) is an important means for young people to gain confidence, express themselves and find their own voice. I hope this competition is a big success”.
Quote from Kevin Brennan, MP (Labour), Cardiff


A cross-party initiative entitled ‘House The House’ is a worthy and worthwhile project and I would very much encourage all local schools to take part in this innovating concept”.
Quote from Roger Godsiff, MP (Labour), Hall Green Birmingham


As soon as I heard about the work of House The House and the unique way in which it engages young people, I was eager to get involved. They have successfully partnered with other charitable organisations as well as established centres such as  the Boiler Shop Building here in Newcastle in order to raise the profile of their mission – to help young people discover their passions, nurture them and even turn it into a viable career. I hope this year’s competition will enable young people in the North East to gain confidence in their musical abilities and see what they can achieve in a hobby or career through hard work and dedication”.
Quote from Catherine McKinnell, MP (Labour), Newcastle North


House The House is a fantastic initiative helping young people with a love of music to get more involved in their communities and I am happy to lend it my support”’.
Quote from Louise Ellman, (Labour), Riverside – Liverpool


House The House represents an historic moment for the UK dance community and one which brings about positive change through music”.
Quote from DJ & LNADJ Trustee, Danny Rampling
An idea as wacky and off-centre as this deserves to have everybody who is involved within our scene onboard. Count us in!”

Mark Broadbent, Sarah Broadbent & Darren Hughes, We Love…Music