Regional Heats




The  Birmingham heat is taking place at Access to Music – Heath Music Studios, 68 Heath Mill Lane, Digbeth, Birmingham,          B9 4AR

It is open for entries & the 8 heat finalists will be selected on the 1st Feb.

Anyone aged 16+ is welcome to attend & check out the upcoming local talent. Entrance is free, donations can be made on the door.

Time : 4pm – 8pm

For more information please click here to go to the Facebook event

The regional promoters are Lee Fisher , Jono Heale & Matthew Morgan.


BRIGHTON -  1/2/13

The Brighton heat is taking place at Digital. It is now closed for entries & the 8 heat finalists will be announced on the 28th / 29th Jan.

The event is open for anyone from aged 16+ to attend & check out the upcoming local talent. Entrance is free, donations can be made on the door.

Times: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Over 18′s can stay within the club after 11pm.

For more information please click here to go to the Facebook event.

Brighton Regional promoter is Jim McNulty (click to email).


NEWCASTLE – 26/1/13

The Newcastle heat took place at Digital.

Many congratulations to the winner, Bryce Fury who will be representing the North East at the national final on 16/02 at The Ministry of Sound, London

For the full write up of the event please click here

Massive thanks to all who attended & especially the Regional Promoters, Joe Frankland from Generator & Neil Burke from Somewhere_to


MANCHESTER – 25/1/13

House The House Manchester was run by four times international award nominated club night, Naughty Panda. The regional heats were held at the legendary Fac 251 venue on Princess Street. It felt befitting that such a fresh and inspiring competition should be held in a space where so many landmark musical meetings have taken in years gone by. Despite the blizzard conditions outside, the competition began, with DJ Statik scratching up some classic Hiphop, much to the delight of the audience. The DJ technician ‘Nathan Lawson’ was on hand to make sure there was no gap between each DJ, so the atmosphere remained strong throughout. Judges K-Klass, Gemma Furbank and Wesley Weir were stood at each side of the DJ booth, carefully monitoring the skills on display.

After Tom Kavanagh had completed the final 20 minute set of the evening, the judges and MCs went back stage to count up the scores. The DJs and their supporters all waited eagerly in anticipation for the results … Thomas Knight came in 3rd with Enrico Swarvz taking 2nd place courtesy of scoring high for his polished vocal House set. In 1st place was Ben Higham who managed to impress the judges with his clean transitions, enthusiasm behind the decks and of course a fine and varied tune selection.

Manchester Regional Promoter – Mal Hindmarsh from Naughty Panda


LEEDS – 20/01/13

The fourth heat took place at the brilliant MINT Club in Leeds city centre, a massive thank you to Shane, Danny, Keith & Val for donating the space free of charge! Their Funktion One system was an absolute belter, sounding amazing from the get go.

Our Leeds promoter Neil Kemp from brought together an exceptional team of volunteers including D Jay MT, Wanda Fernandez, Ashley Karrell, Ian Cartlidge, Johnny Shorthouse, Cydne Holling, Neville Parkin, Simone Kelly-Roe, Marc Wilkie, Shanice Shepherd, Annalise Pereira, Syed Halim & Karis Levy.

As a first, live video streamed the event featuring heat finalists Condog Leeds 10, Kieran Ramsden, James Diab Grimont, Renegade Runner, OHD, Eyre, Tom Frost and Myles Robinson – who were all judged by Dave Beer (Back2Basics), Rob Tissera (KissDaFunk), Marc Leaf (Uber), Luke Pompey (Love Not Money) and Jo Kira (Radio Frequency FM Leeds).

Decided by an overall score, and an amazing, crowd engaging, technical and energetic performance, the winner was MYLES ROBINSON followed in 2nd place by TOM FROST and EYRE in 3rd. Check out MYLES ROBINSON’s winning set from the event here.

Click here for the photos.

Overall verdict: HOUSE the HOUSE won Leeds over!

Leeds showreel courtesy of


LONDON – 17/01/13

The third heat took place in South London’s Corsica Studios which is an independent arts organisation that sets up and develops creative spaces in areas of London. The space was donated free of charge which is massively appreciated!
It has a Funktion One sound system which was ideal to give the opportunity to our 8 heat finalists the opportunity to play on such quality.

Our promoter Chloe Sinclair was also joined by a number of other volunteers including Steve Proctor & Tiffiny Frances to help produce what was a superb example of a community led music event. The crowd were fully engaged from start to finish and gave the DJ’s lots of support whilst they danced the night away.

The Judges on the night were, Trevor Fung, MC Bushkin, Dan Formless (Hoxton FM), Jojo De Freq and Russell Clements.

The heat finalists were DJ Dan Kraines, DJ Paddy Bagel, DJ Cookstarh, DJ Reece Humphries, DJ Ashley Fernandes, DJ Hayden CR, DJ Lib3ral & DJ Edge.

After a very close decision with only a 2 point difference, the winner was DJ EDGE followed in 2nd place by DJ Reece Humphries & DJ Ashley Fernandes in 3rd. You can check out the mix DJ EDGE made to enter the competition here.

All in all a very positive event all round highlighting the young talent in London.


BELFAST – 05/11/12

The second heat took place in Belfast as part of the opening of the Belfast Music Week, it was held within the amazing Oh Yeah Music Centre, a superb music facility for young people.

Our promoter Jim from Essential Music really got behind the event and rally up some great support from within Belfast. As the promo video clearly demonstrates the young people really feel themselves it makes a difference in there confidence to be given the opportunity to be involved with such projects. Jim certainly reported back a great feeling of community on the day which he felt was very significant in Northern Ireland.

DJ Reece Rodgers shone out as the winner as is also receiving extra tuition to pave the way for the final where by the sounds of it lots of support will be following him over.

Belfast showreel courtesy of & Sim Films


BRISTOL – 20/10/12

Our first heat took place in Bristol at the brand new youth centre, The Station and was supported by the Creative Youth Network who delivered the event as part of their opening weekend. It was an ideal start with so many other workshops for young people also taking place in the venue bringing about an amazing day of creative expression & mentoring.

All our 8 DJ’s were certainly enthusiastic and it was a wonderful experience to give them the opportunity to take part in the competition. After our judges had finally made the decision which also included votes from the crowd the winner was announced DJ Nugget, 30 minutes later he was performing on the main stage warming up for Tinchy Stryder.

Josh Tucker the main promoter for the event has now organised for DJ Nugget to take part in a number of training sessions prior to the London heat where he will represent Bristol.

Bristol Showreel courtesy of Sim films